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020303.mp3 9.802.12.25 05:01:02Pastor Norm WiseThe Old Testament Doctrine Of(C) Copyright 2002,0:41:11 32M22
020714.mp310.002.12.25 06:14:50Pastor Norm WiseSeeking The Presence Of God(C) Copyright 2002, First Church0:41:41 32M22
011216.mp312.302.12.25 04:12:03Pastor Norm WiseWe Highly Resolve To Be A Visi(C) Copyright 2001,0:51:37 32M22
020310.mp3 05:07:16Pastor Norm WiseEvidence That Jesus Is The Mes(C) Copyright 2002,0:37:44 32M22
020804.mp310.202.12.25 06:41:12Pastor Norm WiseUnderstanding Christian Growth(c) 2002, 0:42:31 32M22
011028.mp311.102.12.25 03:31:49Pastor Norm WiseWhy I Am Not Roman Catholic(C) Copyright 2001,1:02:00 24M22
011007.mp3 9.802.12.26 02:43:41Pastor Norm WiseChristian World View -- Part 3(C) Copyright 2001,0:54:55 24M22
011202.mp3 9.902.12.25 03:56:52Pastor Norm WiseLet Us Highly Resolve As A Chu(C) Copyright 2001,0:41:31 32M22
011014.mp3 6.602.12.26 02:48:21Pastor Norm WiseChristian World View -- Part 4(C) Copyright 2001,0:36:54 24M22
020106.mp311.202.12.25 04:18:29Pastor Norm WiseWhy Do We Need Revelation?(C) Copyright 2002,0:47:01 32M22
020609.mp3 9.902.12.25 05:53:35Pastor Norm WisePrayer And Our Vision Of God(C) Copyright 2002, First Church0:41:27 32M22
020811.mp3 6.802.12.25 06:45:33Pastor Norm WiseUnderstanding Christian Growth(c) 2002, 0:28:20 32M22
020908.mp310.502.12.25 07:05:42Pastor Norm WiseThe Gospel Lost(c) 2002, 0:44:07 32M22
020707.mp310.702.12.25 06:21:36Pastor Norm WiseFacination With God's Characte(C) Copyright 2002, First Church0:44:52 32M22
011209.mp310.802.12.25 03:58:36Pastor Norm WiseWe Highly Resolve To Be A Bibl(C) Copyright 2001,0:45:20 32M22
020217.mp310.102.12.25 04:54:04Pastor Norm WiseWhat Do We Mean That God Was T(C) Copyright 2002,0:42:23 32M22
011104.mp313.102.12.25 03:45:20Pastor Norm WiseBuilding The Church(C) Copyright 2001,0:54:51 32M22
010930.mp310.202.12.26 02:36:46Pastor Norm WiseChristian World View -- Part 2(C) Copyright 2001,0:57:07 24M22
020915.mp318.902.12.25 07:17:37Pastor Norm WiseThe Gospel Lost - Part 2(c) 2002, 1:18:57 32M22
020901.mp310.502.12.25 06:59:00Pastor Norm WiseMeditations On Spiritual Trans(c) 2002, 0:43:56 32M22
020421.mp3 9.702.12.25 05:42:22Pastor Norm WiseGod's Call - Part 2(C) Copyright 2002,0:40:42 32M22
020407.mp3 7.302.12.25 05:29:22Pastor Norm WiseGod's Call - Part 1(C) Copyright 2002,0:30:35 32M22
020721.mp313.402.12.25 06:34:46Pastor Norm WiseUnderstanding Christian Growth(C) Copyright 2002, First Church0:56:12 32M22
020623.mp312.702.12.25 06:08:31Pastor Norm WiseJune 23, 2002 Service(C) Copyright 2002, First Church0:53:10 32M22
020120.mp312.202.12.25 04:34:27Pastor Norm WiseWhy Do We Need The Bible?(C) Copyright 2002,0:50:55 32M22
020203.mp310.702.12.25 04:36:56Pastor Norm WiseWho Is God? Part 1(C) Copyright 2002,0:44:42 32M22
020317.mp311.802.12.25 05:15:25Pastor Norm WiseThe Two Natures Of Christ(C) Copyright 2002,0:49:13 32M22
020602.mp3 7.702.12.25 05:47:16Pastor Norm WiseOur Call To Prayer(C) Copyright 2002, First Church0:32:24 32M22
020922.mp3 9.602.12.25 07:23:46Pastor Norm WiseDefending The Ministry(c) 2002, 0:40:22 32M22
020113.mp314.402.12.25 04:30:21Pastor Norm WiseWhat Revelation Do All People(C) Copyright 2002,1:00:16 32M22
020616.mp310.702.12.25 06:00:26Pastor Norm WiseChristian Manhood The Old Code(C) Copyright 2002, First Church0:44:48 32M22
020324.mp312.902.12.25 05:24:20Pastor Norm WiseThe Word Of Messiah(C) Copyright 2002,0:54:02 32M22
020210.mp314.502.12.25 04:46:57Pastor Norm WiseWho Is God? Part 2(C) Copyright 2002,1:00:34 32M22